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ESPAM-FORMATION UNIVERSITY is a training center with professional vocation, which offers on one hand possibilities to the auditors, the executive ,the professionals of companies and the other staff from public and private administrations to prepare undergraduate, and graduate courses in various domains of social, science and management.

Its principal duty is to prepare and deliver technical degree, bachelor's degree, master's degree and PHD respectively, depending on the initial of the applicant.


Pro Chancellor Speech

Dear visitor, I welcome you to this information gateway of ESPAM-FORMATION University or École Supérieure Panafricaine De Management Appliqué. The university was established in October, 2007.   Read More

The ESPAM E-Learning System

Students are able to download course materials, recorded oral lectures, and videos directly through the ESPAM E-Learning System. Each registered student is provided with a password to access this service (provided for personal academic use ONLY and not to be given to any other individual for any reason), and the course materials and resources may be downloaded at any time.

Students are requested to participate in online forum discussions organized by their professors and are equally encouraged to initiate such conversations with their classmates. 

Business Plan ESPAM-FORMATION University also known as École Supérieure Panafricaine De Management Appliqué is one of the most prestigious private higher education establishment Cotonou.

It was created in October, 2007 and was conceived as a bilingual pan African university (French and English) and has since developed into a modern university with a proud tradition of building and maintaining functional academic platform for many of French and English speaking students in the West African region.

Our aspiration is to attain global significance through training and research. Thus, the vision of school is to be ranked among the first 100 universities in the world by the year 2023. We are a proud institutional member of international association of universities – a partner with UNESCO and other international, regional and national bodies active in higher education.

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ESPAM 5th Convocation

ESPAM-Formation University uses this avenue to invite all our old students and well-wishers to our 5th Convocation Anniversary that is taking place on 6th June, 2015.

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Vice Chancellor

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Code-Tech Inspirate Limited
...computer software & hardware engineers.

We also offer feasible consultancy on:

  • Project Management System
  • Web Development
  • Networking
  • School Management & ePortal
  • etc.
N.B: If you need international/Ecowas passport, please call: +299-6175-9080
or +234-818-3843-959.
Dear Prof.,
The Strategic Management course, especially the audio files, were very interesting and educating.
Thanks and best...

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